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Sometimes when we get lost in the processes, regulations, studies and data, we—as a Life Science industry—can forget the reason why we’re doing what we’re doing. Whether you became a scientist to discover the next cure or a director to make our products safer for the public, we know that it started with a thought that “I can make a difference”. At SCG, we want to be your partner in achieving those goals. To make a difference. To make a safer, healthier world… for everyone.


It’s the engine that propels us to a healthier future. Always pulling, pushing and moving us forward to find solutions to the challenges that we face as an industry. At SCG, we will help you unravel the complexity of the problem and find straightforward solutions. Yes, we can address your urgent needs, but more importantly, we create a path forward. One that works more efficiently, effectively and is financially sound.

“When our study needed GCP auditing experts, we went with Smart Consulting. The Smart Consulting team embraced an amazingly difficult assignment with grace under pressure. They devised a strategy to navigate through an FDA audit and the results speak for themselves. The center was audited and there were no major findings. This outcome is a direct result of their efforts.”

Senior Data Managing Consultant

Abbott Vascular

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“I appreciate the professionalism and exceptional efforts of Smart Consulting Group’s team to complete the facility and quality system re-design project.”

VP Quality Operation

US Pharmaceutical Company



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